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The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner

If you want to protect your family from indoor air pollution and save money on your energy bills, the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is an excellent way to clean and clear the air.

Indoor air pollution, sometimes referred to as "sick building syndrome," can cause health problems such as asthma, headaches, skin rashes, eye irritation, allergies and respiratory ailments. Indoor air quality is extremely important to your family's health.

Standard air filters aren’t effective at trapping indoor air pollutants

A standard furnace air filter WON'T trap microscopic dust particles, mold spores, allergens, airborne bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and unpleasant odors.

Instead, this primitive filter allows your HVAC system to distribute indoor air pollutants throughout the house. Here's why: A standard air filter is designed to protect the blower motor that powers your forced air system, not your lungs. This filter traps only large dust particles that can accumulate on fan blades and bearings and cause the blower to fail prematurely.

More-expensive electrostatic and pleated air filters, available at your hardware store, can trap some of the smaller particles that pass through a standard air filter. They use static cling and/or a tight weave to achieve filtration.

The trouble with these air filters is that they quickly become clogged, diminishing air flow while straining the blower motor, thus driving up your energy bills. Replacing these filters when they get dirty is expensive and irritating.

Breathe EZ Air Cleaners trap air pollutants electronically

Breathe EZ Air Cleaners

Fortunately, there's a way to trap airborne pollutants without paying for expensive air filters that clog up quickly and must be replaced frequently. Building scientists discovered that electronic air filtration can trap airborne pollutants effectively without clogging the filter media. The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is one of the best examples of this new technology.

The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner doesn't work by trapping dust particles in a super-fine fabric. It's actually an electrically powered air cleaner that charges small and large particles and pulls them to its fiberglass media. Particles that enter the filter are given an electric charge that makes them "cling" to filter media that is charged in the opposite way.

This dust-trapping technique can work very effectively with an open-weave filter media that doesn't restrict air flow through your unit, thus saving you money on energy bills! Breathe EZ is also infused with carbon strips that absorb odors and chemicals commonly found in your indoor air.

Breathe easier (and healthier) by replacing your standard furnace air filter with a Breathe EZ Air Cleaner

The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is available in different sizes, so it can readily replace a conventional HVAC system air filter. Technicians in the National Radon Defense network are trained to install Breathe EZ in your existing HVAC system. Our technicians will instruct you how to swap out the filter media inside the Breathe EZ in minutes. It's a very simple process you can do yourself on a quarterly basis.

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